Who We Are

Beyond Trees is a global network of conservation and stewardship organizations, government agencies, universities and research institutions, multilateral groups, private industry — all working together to improve lives everywhere, but with a particular focus on communities in urban areas. Together with the US Forest Service International Programs, these member organizations from 90+ countries work on efforts around tree plantation, wildlife conservation, environmental awareness, equity, gender equality, rooftop farming, waste management, water conservation and youth and community engagement. The power of the Beyond Trees Network lies in collaborations that lead to a sharing of knowledge and resources, exponentially increasing the impact of each of the organizations.

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What We Do

The Beyond Trees Network encourages the exchange of ideas, tools, challenges, solutions, research and perspectives through various ways.  Monthly webinars, newsletter, discussion forums, and learning videos are some of the methods with which we learn from each other.  We explore topics on urban forestry and community engagement and facilitate ongoing discussion between member organizations.  We also encourage the formation of regional or topical networks, such as the Delhi Urban Network or the rooftop garden one in the Middle East and North Africa. 

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Why Urban?

Urban nature—including forests, street trees and other green areas (independent of size)—may offer one viable solution to mitigating some of these challenges.  In fact, few other infrastructure investments can add quantifiable value to environmental sustainability, human health, and economic vitality.  To sustain and advance nature-based solutions, one must also engage communities and local populations to become stewards of their urban natural resources. 

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Learn more about how cities in the Middle East and North Africa are creating rooftop gardens to improve lives in the heavily built and arid communities of the region.

Our Partners